Ballancer®Pro 30 Minute Compression

The Rolls Royce of Lymphatic Massage

30 mins. | $70

Ballancer®Pro Compression Therapy

A 30-minute gentle, relaxing massage drains the lymph nodes and paves the way for an enhanced circulation of lymph. As the sequence progresses, it begins the compression moves from the extremities up into the thoracic area. With endless setting combinations, the Ballancer®Pro has been coined “The Rolls Royce of Lymphatic Massage”.

Wave Cycle

Long, deep, and slow sequential massage, especially suitable for quick recovery after exercise or when experiencing “heavy legs” or pain.

Ballancer® Cycle

Short, superficial, and fast peristaltic massage.

Pretherapy® Cycle

Stimulation of the lymph nodes in the groin or armpit (proximal areas)


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Whole Body Cryotherapy

30 mins | $70


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